13 February 2010

Saturday afternoon/evening call-ins

168 hours gone since the start. Less than 24 hours left til the 192 hour (8 "days") cutoff.

Pat Hogan, 12:28 in Blenheim: "I'm just back in Blenheim. Cheers."

Willi Borst, 12:33 in Blenheim: "Successfully finished the Brevet!"

John Morris, 13:16 in Blenheim: "I just got to Seymore Square, and the bell rang at 1:15.So, it was a great adventure and I'm going to be having a meal and going towards the ferry."

James Dick, 13:34 in Picton: "Finished last night. Don't know what time. Pretty much [???]. Just before [???]. Thanks very much.

Brett Porter, 17:11: "I withdrew after my freewheel broke 12k's into the Wharfedale track, at 12:20 this afternoon. I'll make my way to Blenheim."

Chris Serwood with Jo Holden, 23:56 Saturday in Blenheim: "Checking in at 5 to 12 at the clock tower in Seymore Square. We've officially finish. Um, we'll give comments later. Good job."