07 February 2010

More call-ins from Nelson

David King, 01:24am Sunday in Nelson: "Just ring in from... ah... it looks like sunny Nelson, but it's the middle of the night. So it's not sunny!"

Phil and Ian (Phil Byron from Australia and Ian Gordon?), 04:52 Sunday in Nelson: "We've just had a good nights sleep and starting out on day two."

Darren, Jasper, Barryn, Trevor, Jan Witkowski from Poland, Lawrence Mote, Guy Wynn-Williams  (Darren Tatom, Jasper van der Lingen, Barryn Westfield, Trevor Woodward), 06:19 Sunday in Nelson: " We're 'round at Chris and Brenda's place. We'll all feeling absolutely fantastic. It's like we've never even ridden our bikes yesterday; it's that good!"

Tim Mulliner, 06:21 Sunday on the cathedral steps in Nelson: "Spent the night at the bottom of the Maunagatapu. Had a pretty good day. Got a matagauri puncture at the start, but it's all good."

John Randal (Sifter) and Simon Kennett, 06:32 Sunday from Trafalgar Square in Nelson: "Suns just up. Had a very comfortable night at Maitai Valley. [We] we're probably the last through the Maungatapu track in the light [last night]. We're heading for a bakery in Richmond. Should a hot one today. And probably lots of tired legs out there. Take care everyone."

Joel McFarlane Roberts, Ed McDonald, Phil Byron all from Austrailia, 06:40 Sunday in Nelson: "We turned up at Nelson - and the accommodation available here at about 2am - after a nightmarish climb over Maungatapu and a nightmarish descent! And finding lots of riders strung out along the way. Glad we made it over the hill before dark though. Very glad we made it to here. Others stuck on the other side are going to have a hard start this morning. So we'll be able to roll down the valley. Cool!"

Barry Bryant 07:32 Sunday in Havlock: "Um, hmm!, ur, well... what to report - yesterday was far, far ,far too hot, and [I'm] still a bit dehydrated. Feeling physically OK. Good heart and lungs exercise yesterday. Legs are OK, thumbs are OK, bikes good. Getting enough to eat and rink is difficult - not obtaining it, but being able to eat it. Stayed on the side of the road last night. It was quite pleasant. Couldn't expect to get any sleep so ended up staying there 12 hours! Bloody hell. I've just been passed by a couple of riders. Nothing happening here in Havelock yet so we'll go and get some food in Pelorus. So, there we go... yeehaa. It's overcast now which will hopefully keep the edge of things, but... Maungatapu - bit of a mission... [we'll] see how it goes." [Call length: 59 seconds.]

John Morris [sounded a bit like Dan Moras!?] 08:00 Sunday in Richmond: "...after a nice nap at the Richmond Hilton - as they call it - and the gang has all gone, and I'm going to be gone too. Doing well. Take care."

Chris Charles, 09:14 Sunday in Nelson: "Things are going pretty well. Iv;e had a good day yesterday, except for the heat and the dust and a couple of matagauri punctures. Ended up sleeping in a B&B in Havelock. This morning got up in the middle of the night and did a bit of night riding over the Maunatapu. Now I'm at McDonalds in Nelson for breakfast. Things are going alright! Cheers!"

Paula McLachlan called 09:20 Sunday to say Ian Gordan lost his SPOT transponder on the old rail trail between Nelson and Richmond. As she was talking someone in the background got a phone call to say it had been found! Ian is still riding - without his transponder for the moment.

Not sure! Could be Ross Friedrich, Shelley (Shelley Gosse), 10:13 Sunday: no location given.

Jeff Lyall, Matt Gerstenberger and Rodney Hansen, 10:17 Sunday in Cafe Gallery in Nelson: "Our legs are still going 'round!"

Rob Garden, Marquita Gelderman, 10:19 Sunday in Nelson: "We're havin' a great time. Our SPOT trackers points are incorrect." [I'll try to get that sorted today. Paul K.]

Bill Brierley, Dave Rudge, Dirk Naish, 10:51 Sunday in Nelson: "Lovely suuny day here. We've just come over the Maungatapu, from Pelorus where we stayed last night. Someone's just found a white shirt. We passed it on the Maunagatapu. I thing it belongs to one of those Aussies so we left it! All's going well.

Mondo Kopua, 11:18 Sunday in Nelson: "All going well. Heading out to Stoke for brunch."

Ash Brown, 11:32 Sunday, called my cellphone to reluctantly pull out. He had a lot of tire tube problems yesterday. Managed to get three new tubes, had one blow out as he blew it up to 30 psi. Then got more problems as he tried to rejoin the route.

Chris Gilberston, 11:42 Sunday in Nelson: "Cheers. See you."

Willi Borst, 11:48 Sunday in Nelson: "OK, thanks, bye."