09 February 2010

Scott from trackleaders.com on crazy SPOT info

Hey guys,

Scott from trackleaders.com here. Sorry for not chiming in earlier -- we are also tracking Yukon Quest which has been pretty involved.

A few riders do have multiple SPOTs registered on their SPOT share page, and that is causing the confusion and crazy speeds, points et cetera on the tracker. Unfortunately we can't change that without access to their SPOT accounts, and we aren't sure where the SPOT units were hired from -- apparently only Simon knows and he's out riding.

I will see if I can deal with the issue on our side, but I may start looking for NZ companies that hire SPOTs. We just need to find whoever Simon hired the units from. It's a simple fix on their end.

I also saw that someone pointed out the times being wrong? I adjusted it by an hour earlier today and *think* it is correct, but if someone can confirm that would be great.

Any other issues? Feel free to post here or (better) hit us with an email at info@trackleaders.com

It is really quite nice to see so many cyclists and fans for the Kiwi Brevet. I've been a part of the Great Divide Race / Tour Divide for many years and it's great to see a similar event be so successful elsewhere in the world. Kudos to the Kennett bros and all the riders out there pedaling their hearts out.