09 February 2010

DNF list

Ash Brown - Had a crazy number of punctures over  the first two days. Rreluctant DNF.

Helen Van Hoof - Monday AM. DNF due to mechanical probs.

Jan Witkowski, Poland - 08:44 Tue, Ikamatua. DNF due to injury.

John Mote - started the ride with a cold and never shook it. DNFed on Port Underwood Road.

Mike Anderson (USA, Texas) - 17:17 Sunday, DNF due to severe saddle sores.

Rob Garden - Wednesday evening, DNF with a recurring back problem.

Rodney Hanson - 7:15am Friday in Hanmer, DNF due to really sore legs

Brett Porter - 5:11pm Friday, DNF "I withdrew after my freewheel broke 12k's into the Wharfedale track"

Have I missed any?