08 February 2010

Monday morning call-ins

Tim Mullinar with Darren Tatom, 07:37 Monday in Reefton: "Waiting for a big breakfast and an enormous latte. Had a pretty good day yesterday. Had a bit of rain this morning, but it's cleared up, which is all good. Off to Arthurs Pass hopefully."

Jasper van der Lingen, 08:13 Monday in Reefton: "Just having breakfast with Thomas [Lindup] and Darren [Tatom], and a couple of others. Had a nice ride through Rahu, other than it rained a little bit. We'll see how far we get today."

Chris Tennent Brown, 08:46 Monday in Reefton: "I'm about to have a big breakfast so I'm pretty happy and everything is going pretty well."

John Randal with Simon Kennett09:24 Monday in Reefton: "We met Andrew [McLellan] at Springs Junction - he set off from Maruia Saddle at 5 in the morning. We were all just being amazed at someone going past with a trailer with about twice as much gear as we've got, combined. It was a bit wet on the climb up to Rahu Saddle, but a nice descent and - a very nice mince and cheese pie down here in Reefton. Hope your all well and enjoying the show.

Marquita Gelderman with Rob Garden, Ross Friedrich and Shelley Gosse, 10:20 Monday in Murchison: "We're all sitting in a cafe at Murchison. Had a great time going over the Porika and Braeburn - and [we're] on our way to Reefton.

David King, 11:03 Monday in Maruia: "This is actually my Murchison call-in. I had a bit of a brain fade yesterday. Heh!"

Chris Charles, 11:11 Monday in Murchison: "Had a really good ride this morning through the Porika and Braeburn - just very very pleasant and quite surreal. Weather's starting to warm up a bit, so... hopefully it doesn't get too hot. Looking at the thermometer yesterday it got up to 35 degrees. Hopefully not going to be as hot today. So... yep! all going well... and... try and push on, and get somewhere nice and comfy to sleep tonight."

Mondo Kopua, 11:39 Monday in Murchison: [no comment]

Tina Bayer, 11:44 Monday in Murchison: "Looking forward to lunch now."

Dave Rudge with Bill Brieley, Willamena [huh?], Gordan McDonald, Dirk Naish 11:59 in Murchison: "All having a lovely day and a big breakfast, well - second breakfast anyway. "