06 February 2010

Nelson call-ins begin

Oli (Oliver Whalley?)  called in at 21:52 from Nelson; "It was a pretty epic first day; quite a cruisy start off the line, but then a couple of guys put the hammer down.... beautiful riding through Port Underwood... riding a bit with Andy Reid... the Maungatapu was a grovel - an absolute grovel. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Chris Tennant-Brown, Chris Burr and Brenda Clapp called in at 22:14 from Nelson; "We are completely spent".

Micki Speck called in at 22:19 from Stoke; "Continuing on."

Scott McLachlan called in at 22:25 from Nelson; "Absolutely shagged. Everything is OK."

Mike Anderson called in at 22:46 from Nelson Cathedral steps. [No more detail than that.]

Ian Gordan called at 23:46 from Nelson; "Going to be very grumpy - very grumpy. Thanks."