06 February 2010

Early withdrawals

Mark Hearfield was not able to start.

John Mote is a bit crook - and pulled out at 17:26 (listen).

Mike Anderson from Texas calling in from Havelock at 17:58 and said it was "Texas hot!" and was continuing on to Nelson. (listen).

There are a couple of mystery SPOT's still showing in Blenhiem; Ian Gordan and Lisa Savage. Either they've pulled out or, more likely, they've left their SPOT's behind.

[Update 10:47pm: Looks like Lisa Savages SPOT is now in Nelson.]
[Update 11:58pm: Ian Gordan just called from Nelson at 11:46.]

At 8:30 pm Saturday the front riders were just popping over the Maungatapu - so should be in Nelson in the next hour!