12 February 2010

Friday afternoon/evening call-ins

Over 144 hours since leaving Blenheim at 12 noon on Saturday:

Ed McDonald with Phil Byron and Joel McFarlane Roberts (the Aussy crew), 14:23 Friday in Blenheim: "We're in Blenheim, so we're finished. We're also calling on for Hanmer, by the way - just in case you missed that one. Yeah, we're done. It was pretty cool. Had lots of good times. Eating fish and chips on the grass for anyone who's interested. So that's an open invitation to the entirety of the internet. Cool! Thanks for the experience and we'll see you next year maybe."

Jo Holden with Chris Sherwood and David Bailey, 16:22 Friday in Hanmer: "30 degrees, balmy, breezy. We're heading up to Acheron tonight. Intending to do the big push down the Molesworth tomorrow, so last call-in at Blenheim. Hope all's well in Wellies, and looking forward to catching up with a few stories - particularly about those downhills that are really uphills Simon."

Scott McLachlan17:26 Friday in Blenheim: "I'm pretty shagged, but here and happy to have finished."

Chris Gilbertson, 18:06 Friday in Hanmer: "All well. Aiming for Acheron tonight and somewhere up the Awatere valley the following night - on the home straight."

Mondo Kopua, 18:17 Friday in Blenheim: "I got in about 5:15. Relieved that I'm finally here and it's over. Well done to all those who've already got here, and best wishes to all those that are still on the course. [Something else drowned out by wind.]

Matt Gerstenberger with Mike Thompson, 19:17 Friday in Blenheim: "It appears my tracker wasn't working today, but I've just ridden in with Mike Thompson and we are now finished."

Ian Gordan, 20:24 Friday in Blenheim: "Completely - and - utterly - shagged. Thank you." Then at 20:31: "My finish time was 8:15 exactly, I've got no idea what day of the week it is, possibly it's Friday. Cheers."

Dave Rudge with Bill Brierley, Gordan McDonald and Nathan Mawkes, 21:10 Friday in Blenheim: "Checking in and checking out. Just arrived at 9:08, and we're very happy, very tired, and I think we'll have a day off now."

Shelley Gosse with Ross Friedrich, 22:59 Friday in Blenheim: "It was awesome."

Tina Bayer, 23:03 Friday in Blenheim: "I'm here! I'm a bit tired though. Yeah - it's been awesome."

Chris Charles, 23:26 Friday in Blenheim: "Hurray! I've completed the Brevet. Boy! What a day, it's been pretty long - it looks like it's half-past-eleven, at night, so - yeah - what an adventure. I'm really pleased I stuck it out. Oh well - happy times, eh. There's quite a crowd of people here so I'm just going to just mingle and chat with those guys."