09 February 2010

Tuesday afternoon/evening call-ins

Over 72 hours since leaving Blenheim:

Micki Speck, 12:13 Tuesday afternoon in Shefield: "All going good."

David King, 12:49 Tuesday in Arthurs Pass: "Calling-in for "Jacksons" of course, because there's no [cellphone] coverage [in Jacksons]. Lovely sunny day here. Lovely sunny day here and about bloody 10 tour buses, so it's a huge wait for food at the cafe."

John Randal, 13:09 Tuesday in Shefeild: "Bloody great train just going past. Been a tough morning from Arthurs Pass, through to Porters Pass, was just an absolute nightmare. Just up the road Simon Kennett and Jeff were goign for a nature break. We are heading for the Wharefdale, and then onwards to Hirinui or Culverdon or something. Hope everyone's well at home. Right about now I wish I was there with you which this from the internet. Just about ready for a new saddle I think."

Jasper van der Lingen with Simon and John, 13:11 Tuesday in Shefield: "It's good to be able to turn and head back towards Blenheim finally. Weather's good. Feeling OK-ish other than the sore legs and sore bum, but that's alright."

Dave Rudge with Gordan McDonald, Bill Brieley, 16:42 Tuesday in the Stillwater Pub: "I don't why I'm ringing in from here - I just like to say we're in the pub, really. Ah... not enjoying the road or the headwind, but we're enjoying the burgers."

Barry Bryant, 16:59 Tuesday in Blenheim: "Ahhh... my 800km shortcut seems to have done the trick. Unfortunately him still a bit-um-pzshurh-yes. Ahh, I, let me startthat all again. I've done by 800km shortcut and I will continue touring on from here. So, I've had a great time - for what it's worth - the bike is perfect, I'm feeling comfortable, my almost no cost ghetto tubeless tire conversion was no trouble at all, um, recommend it highly. Um, yes, it's all good. Uuuum. Omaka Vintage Air Museum is pretty cool. The riverside track conversion is very nice  - there's a little amphitheater there. Um, didn't know that was there. It made me think quite highly of the place. So, um, yes, I'm going to continue on my way, and I've had a good time, thank you very much, and good luck to everybody, and all the finishers."

Phil Byron, Ed McDonald, Joel McFarlane Roberts, Rodney Hansen, 17:59 Tuesday in Arthurs Pass: "We're all up here, all just tackled the pass in nice warm daylight with a slight tailwind which didn't actually help much up the 15% gradient. I'll see you on the flip side."

Brett Porter, 18:12 Tuesday in Reefton, "All good. Thanks."

David King, 18:54 Tuesday in Shefield, "It's a lovely warm Canterbury evening. Had my first crash and lost a few chunks of elbow but otherwise... a lovely day."

Peter Maindonald, 19:08 Tuesday in Reefton: "We're in to 'tour mode'. It's all good - no major issues with the bike or the body, we're just going to press on. We're possibly not going to make the time cutoff, but everything's all good everythings happy, so we're going to press on in the morning and look at this Big River."

Guy Win-Williams with Lawrence Mote, 19:27 in Springfield: "We're having dinner. We're going to head off towards the base of the Wharfedale to sleep tonight. Had a good day today, beautiful weather coming through the hills. My SPOT seems to be working intermittently. So in terms of tracking me to can probably look at Laurence's, because we're pretty much doing the same thing."

Mondo Kopua, 17:30 in Jacksons: "Think I'm going to go up the road to Otira and [just see?]. The Big River-Waiuta section was absolute crap. See ya."

Oliver Whalley with Andy Reid, 19:38 in Hanmer: "We've jsut made it into Hanmer! Which is great. What we're going to do is stay overnight and make for Jollies Pass in the morning. I'm feeling amazing but unfortunately Andy's ankle has just blown out. So much that he's not contemplating riding tomorrow. So were searching for some quick medical cures. As far as bikes - mine's been going really well, but the chain's just started to wear. It's running a magic ratio of a Rohloff, so fortunately the guys at Crank Adventures have hooked me up with a chain to replace it. [something] And hopefully we should make it to - sometime early afternoon - back to Blenheim! [something]"

Andy Reid, 22:06 Tuesday in Hanmer: "Things are going pretty good. Olly thinks I've got a really sore ankle, but - hah - put one over him. So, ya know, maybe tomorrow I'll get up just an hour earlier or something like that while he's still asleep. Just... just launch into it. OK - um - cheers, bye."