07 February 2010

Sunday afternoon/evening call-ins

They've been going for over 24 hours now - so this is now the second "day" of racing. I'll keep adding call-in messages to the bottom of this post till I go to bed tonight. Enjoy.

Note 1: you may have noticed the answer phone page list hasn't grown since 13:26. It seems to not cope with more than 50 messages in the list. I've now reset it so it's restarted listing form message number 59. All the old messages are still on the web site though - so you can still hear them.
Note 2: And the sytem stopped answering the phone from 6:30 till 10:25 when I reset it. I'll reset it once a day from now on. Paul K.

Gordan McDonald, 12:06 Sunday afternoon in Brightwater: "Jolly hot. Almost as hot as yesterday."

Dirk Naish, 12:17 Sunday in Stoke: "Going well, but the weather is very hot. Otherwise - enjoying myself."

Tina Bayer, 12:29 Sunday in Nelson: "All going well. It was a bit of an interesting downhill, but the bike and I are still in one piece. It's all good. Another hot day. So far it's all fun."

Brett Porter, 13:29 Sunday in Nelson: "Thank you."

Chris Sherwood, Jo Holden, Dave Bailey, Tina Bayer, 14:04 Sunday in Richmond: "Having lunch. Hope you're all well in Wellington. Cheers."

Barry Bryant, 14:38 Sunday most of way down the Maungatapu: "Stinky brakes. My strategy of coming last seems to be paying dividends, 'cos I'm sure I would feel as good, if I wasn't coming quite so last. And any of you people who want to take shortcuts better watch-out, because I'm bloody slow. My brake leavers are nearly touch the handlebars, but I've still got pads left, so that's good. I'm very please I've got my 2.3 tires on. And nothing appears to have broken, so that's cool. I've run out of water, but  - 'no biggie'. Be in Nelson shortly."

Micki Speck, 16:10 Sunday in Murchison: "All good."

Phil White and Anne Mortimer, 16:14 Sunday in Murchison: "We're a bit sore as you might expect, but we're still going OK and we'll have a bit of a feed here and see how far we get tonight. We had our plan and we're pretty much 'on it' so we're happy with that."

Simon Kennett with Tim Mulliner and John Randal, 17:00 Sunday in Murchison: "There's a cool breeze blowing. The Porika was pretty hardcore on the descent - it's in incredibly bad condition. Apart from that it's been pretty good riding. Some good beach forest. We're going to push on for Springs Junction or thereabouts, after having a nice meal at the cafe in town here. Hope everyone else is having a good time."

Mike Anderson, 17:17 Sunday in Murchison: "Rode over Maungatapu last night in the dark - which I thought about all day long - what a scary thing to do on a cyclocross bike... with a very poor light. So I'll pat myself on the back for that. It was a hard slog today I'm glad to be here. Now for a feed.

Jasper van der Lingen, 17:27 Sunday in Murchison: "Feeling reasonably OK. Probably head a bit further on and see how I go, and other than that, it's all looking not too bad. Had a very good first two days."

Chris Burr and Brenda Clapp, 17:56 Sunday in Murchison: "Having dinner then heading up Matakitaki. Bikes and everything going OK, but a distinct feeling of discombobulation that's for sure.

Chris Tennent Brown, 18:11 Sunday in Murchison: "Been a pretty hot day, but all going well."

John Morris, 22:26 Sunday in Murchison: "Snug as a bug in my little holiday cabin and I'm doing fine, but a little low on food so wait til a dairy or bakery opens on the morning before I hit the road again."

Rodney Hansen, 23:23 Sunday in Murchison: "I've just, not long ago, rolled in to Murchison after camping at Murderers Rock last night. Racked up 189 km's today so I'm quite pleased with that. Still feeling good. A few mechanical issues, in the form of busted spokes on my rear wheel; two of them so far.I'll pootle on towards Reefton tomorrow and try an sort 'em out there. And then make a decision about what I do after that."