11 February 2010

Thursday morning call-ins

Jo Holden with Chris Sherwood and David Bailey, 09:17 Thursday in Sheffield: "After a biiiig long slog over Porters Pass last night, we're now heading through the Wharfedale, and hopefully the Huranui area tonight, and aiming for a Saturday finish. All's good and see you at the finish."

Andrew McLellan, 10:44 Thursday in Blenhiem: "I've finished! What a ride. Can't say I'll do it again, but I'm glad I did it."

Chris Gilbertson, 10:58 Thursday in Sheffield: "All is well. Thanks and apologies for the incident a couple of days ago. The locator beacon got discharged accidentally on the front of my handlebars. It was only when I heard the big bird in the sky that I realised that the 911 light was flashing. Um, yeah, so, um. I turned it straight off. But I'm all fine, and still truckin'."

Jasper van der Lingen, 11:29 Thursday in Blenheim: "Made it to Blenheim! 11:21 I turned up. Absolutely buggered, but exilerated and relieved to have got here. Just here with Darryn and Andrew. I have to revocer a bit and collect my thoughts, but ah, big camelian [?!?] to the Kennett brothers for organising it and good luck to all the people who are still out there. What an amazing event. Alright - over and out for the last time."

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  1. Go Jo Go Jo Go JO...
    and Chris and David :-)

    Great effort guys, sorry I couldn't join you this week.
    Big thanks to Simon and the SPOT team for the regular updates and coverage, see you all on the start line next year!!

    Glen, Shane and Mark (the other 3 XPD bound Crocs www.aotearoacrocodilehunters.com)