10 February 2010

Vorb Gossip

Some of the things being said over on Vorb

by scatter on 2:52pm


Ca-caw ca-caw!


by DrMack on 5:09pm

Talk about a tiger for punishment. Within 10 minutes of finishing Oli was wondering out loud about the sanity of considering the Alpine Epic in a couple of weeks. Two words, in sane.


by pedalingkiwi on 5:41pm

Two vignettes 
1. Ollie applying a goodly smear of anti-chafe in his 15min pitstop at Wharfedale Shelter yesterday - just as essential as food and chain lube for 4 consecutive hard days on the saddle.
2. Tony Bateup's bike featured a Sram XX drivetrain, and a piece of closedcell foam taped to his seat for extra padding - the latter looked ather No8 wire-ish, but I'm sure his bum appreciated it, even more so as he was riding a rigid.

Interestingly - with all the ponderings on "what bike is best" - the 5 bikes at the head of the field yesterday were; 
a 29er hardtail with hub gearing, 
2 x cross bikes with skinny tires, drop bars and rim brakes, 
a 4-5" fully, and 
a full carbon XC hardtail = a pretty mixed bunch. 
Maybe it's not about the bike ??


by Slim on 6:53pm

Just got a text message from the legend himself, Mr Oli "arse of steel" Whalley.

He said, and I quote "life changing shit"