10 February 2010

Wednesday morning call-ins

In the Karapoti Classic we usually found that the slowest rider took twice as long as the fastest rider. It's looking like the front runners will reach Blenhiem this afternoon.

Micki Speck with Mark Rayward, Lisa Savage and Tony Bateup in 07:07 Wednesday in Hanmer Springs: "Hope to be pushing on further today. Cheers."

John Randal with Simon Kennett and Chris[?],  08:14 Wed in Hanmer: "Just arrived in Hanmer. Had a short sleep in Culverton. Feeling pretty hammered - but, on the home stretch. So... phoowh - Blenhiem here we come."

Darren Tatam, 08:43 Wed in Hanmer: "Just walking up Jollies Pass. Actually listening to some Beethoven. Feeling pretty good  and looking forward to one or two cool beers in Blenhiem. However - the pubs will be shut by the time I get there."

John Morris, 09:24 Wed in Arthurs Pass: "Doing fine, although yesterday was a long day of walking thjrough the woods... and... looks like we're headed - there's a bit bunch of us at Arthurs Pass and a lot of people are headed for Wharfedale Hut tonight."

Dirk Naish with Tina Bayer, 09:26 Wed in Arthurs Pass: "We're having breakfast after staying in Jacksons last night. All's well."

Marquita Gelderman and Rob Garden, 09:38 Wed in Arthurs Pass: "At the moment - eating more eggs on toast. Ross Friedrich and Shelley Gosse were here as well. They've just left. All going well and hope to hit the Wharfedale hut tonight."

Phil White and Anne Mortimer, 10:16 Wed in  Hanmer: "Looking forward to a nice cool ride through the Molesworth. I dunno, it hasn't really rained much, but - enough to keep it cool. Not sure where we'll stay the night. But, probably get to Blenheim tomorrow. Having a good time and... yeah, having fun."

Ed McDonald with Joel McFarlane Roberts and Phil Byron, 11:22 Wed in Sheffield: "Happily and pie-face-idily in Sheffield - the pies are so good apparently. Seventy[?] pies. It's a bit rainy outside, but we're trying to head to... ahhhh... yeah, as far out, as far towards Hanmer as possible. Came down Arthurs Pass today - it was very cold. That's about it. Hopefully we will be in Blenhiem in two or three days time."

Jasper van der Lingen, 11:30 Wed in Hanmer: "I'm about to head off again. Unfortunately my batteries are just about dead on this phone so I don't know if I'll be able to call again, but... other than that, it's overcast, slightly drizzling but not too bad."