12 February 2010

Friday morning call-ins

Dirk Naish with Gordan McDonald, 05:16 Friday in Hanmer: "Just about to head off for Molesworth this morning."

Rodney Hanson, 07:15 Friday in Hanmer: "I'm going to pull the pin here. Legs are still really sore. It wasn't much fun riding yesterday, and I've been to physio and acupuncture, and physio says the only thing that's going to make them better is rest. So, that's what I'm going to do. I'm on a shuttle back to Blenheim today. Hope to catch some other people coming across the finish line. And good luck to everyone else. It's been an awesome ride. Seen lots of neat country. Met some really cool people. And, I did the Molesworth the other week anyhow in training - so, why do it again, when I'm in pain. OK, bye."

Willi Borst with Marquita Gelderman, 09:52 Friday in Hanmer: "We're heading over, up in to the high country."

Guy Wynn-Williams, 11:35 Friday in Blenheim: "We got rained out in the Awetere last night. Had to spend the night in a hay barn, which was pretty cosy. And then stomped in here. So it was good. It was a great event, so thanks to Simon and everyone who organised it, and all the guys that we bumped in to along the way - that was really neat. We've been greeted here by most [??] 12 hours ahead of us with a bottle of champagne which was good. And now we're looking forward to heading back home and hanging out with our family."

Laurence Mote, 11:40 Friday in Blenheim: "Very happy to finish the Kiwi Brevet. A long way for a pie, but bloody good event. Really enjoyed the places that the route took us. Discovered a few new places that ... [seem?] to be going back to. Probably the biggest thing I got out of this was that the Cycleway of New Zealand - I suggest that they plant more fruit trees because that would have been most welcome.. as we ran out of food this morning, after spending an unplanned night-over at the Hodder [river] hay barn. It was a very good sleep, but not enough food. So, Thanks Simon for orgnaising it. Well done to everyone who's finished."