07 February 2010

Photos from Rob Hambrook

Here's a few photos Rob Hambrook took on Saturday. Let me know if you can identify people in them.

Jasper van der Lingen on a rigid single speed.

 Darren Tatom (in green cycle top)

 Tim Mulliner
 Dave King

 Dave King, Trevor Woodward, Jan Witkowski at Chris and Brenda's house in Nelson.



  1. Fantastic! Thanks for keeping the updates rolling in Paul!

  2. That is Jasper in the that first photo (with the cop car). He is on a rigid single speed (sick man).

  3. David King in Photo 5, alone, and again in Photo 6. Really enjoying following the progress. Thanks for posting the photos.

  4. Photo 3 is Darren Tatom (in green cycle top)

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